5 Core Ingredients of Europa Interior Design

ED Trio PicWhat can a Charlotte-area home or business owner expect when they contact Bianca Wittgraefe at Europa Design LLC for interior design suggestions? The prospective client will meet an experienced and talented interior designer, who takes the time to tailor a design concept to the individual client’s taste, and deliver a finished product that embodies the core principles of this unique style of interior design.

Europa Design LLC offers the following core ingredients that are the foundation for both taste and that special timeless look:

  • Flow: Design elements must flow from one to the other. The client may need one room redecorated, or the entire house. Regardless of how many rooms, Europa Design will create an offering that flows effortlessly from room to room, incorporating the existing design elements, complete with a client’s wants and desires. A design theme may be incorporated throughout the entire home or place of business, or Europa Design may develop a palate of colors that can be carried through the entire design concept.
  • Style: Europa Design brings years of expertise when it comes interior design and styling. Bianca takes a blank canvas and transforms it in to a unique and special space. The client will receive all the current information on design trends, and will experience a flawless execution of the vision through Europa Design’s unique ability to bring enviable style to an open or outdated room that is the starting point of style.
  • Inspiration: Design is rooted in the spirit of inspiration. It may derive from an individual’s favored piece of furniture, vacation spot, piece of art, or even much loved color! Europa Design will take inspiration and transform it throughout the home or place of business.
  • Energy: Depending on the vitality a client desires for the home or office, Europa Design can transform that space to give off the right energy the client is seeking. From calm and tranquil, to energizing and fun, Europa Design will create the ambiance and energy desired. Through carefully crafted design elements, first impressions will be made every time.
  • Personality: The final design principle centers around the details. A custom design concept ultimately comes together as a vision by truly understanding clients and their tastes and perceptions. We ask, what makes them feel the most at home? Europa Design brings personalized design concepts to each and every project, and no two designs are the same. Through planning and collaboration, the client’s personality shines through in each and every Europa Design project.

Contact Europa Design for a truly one-of-a-kind design experience, rooted in interior design principles, and personalized touches.


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