5 Keys to Home Accessorizing

Home Accessorizing

Your home can be transformed into the magazine-worthy paradise you dream of with just a few detail-oriented changes. We are often asked about the best way to make affordable changes to the interior design of a home. Home accessorizing is a great way to keep your budget low while creating high-impact changes.

Here are five keys to home accessorizing:

1.  Carefully determine your décor style with a professional.

2.  With your interior designer, create a strategy for accessorizing. Specifically, you need to choose color palettes, fabrics, and textures for each room.

3.  Use color and pattern. Do not be afraid to make bold statements with your accessories. As professionals, we will guide you in terms of how to appropriately use colors and patterns so that everything looks good together.

4.  Look around each room and make sure it is well balanced. This means there should be a variety of different textures, including glass, metal, and wood. If one of these textures is missing, make sure to bring that in with some of your accessories.

5.  Don’t be afraid to return something that just isn’t working. Part of this process really takes seeing everything together, and arranging and re-arranging over and over until you have the perfect mix of accessories.

Just to clarify, home accessorizing is not collecting and displaying knickknacks. You may have a few heirlooms or pieces that have great sentimental value that you want to use in your décor, but these shouldn’t take over your design plans. If you have any questions about home accessorizing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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