An Interior Designer Guide to Contemporary Style

An Interior Designer Guide to Contemporary Style

If you have been confused about just what it means to have a contemporary style home, you have plenty of company. You may have even avoided “contemporary” because you think it means cold and stark, which doesn’t fit your personality in the least. What is important to know is that contemporary isn’t exactly the same thing as modern, which is somewhat minimalistic. Contemporary can definitely be warm and comfortable, while presenting a subtle sophistication.

An interior designer who specializes in contemporary design does so at the cost of constantly watching trends to find out what is popular right now. Something can be a decade or more old and still be considered modern, but contemporary means today. Today focuses on color, space, and shapes, so that is what an interior designer will focus on when providing you a plan for your home.

When it comes to color, the standbys of black, white, and neutrals are often in the background, but they are made friendlier with bold colors for accents. This can also be switched with bold in the background and neutrals to the foreground. When it comes to furniture and fabrics, attention is taken to be sure they are simple and unadorned. Natural fibers are very popular. The main focus overall is to avoid clutter, so no big floral prints, ruffles, fringe, tassels or other overly detailed features.

Here at Europa Design, you are in very capable hands as an interior designer will be able to guide you through what it means to be contemporary and how the results can be everything you hope for. Our owner, Bianca, spends significant time in Europe each year to keep up with trends and build contacts with suppliers, so you can put together the contemporary home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more.

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