Bedrooms: The Difference Between Modern, Contemporary & Traditional Interior Design

While most homeowners have some idea of how they want their bedrooms to look, many use the incorrect words when attempting to describe their vision. Although small differences in terminology are usually not noticed when chatting with friends, the words are distinctly different to professionals in the design industry.

To help understand the terminology, we’ll briefly discuss modern, contemporary and traditional interior design, and the differences between the three.

  • traditional interior design in Charlotte, NCContemporary- This is also known as transitional design. It can be described as a blend of modern and traditional interior design. But unlike modern, which pertains to a particular era and a specific style, contemporary design embodies what is fashionable today. The definition of the word ‘contemporary’ is characteristic of the present, or with the time.
  • Modern- Contemporary and modern are often confused, and although they have similar characteristics, contemporary changes with the present, while modern refers to a specific era of design – from the 1920s to the 1970s (mid-20th Century).
  • Traditional- Traditional interior design often uses bold, heavy furnishings with rich, earthy colors like dark green, gold or brown. Also, traditional design is very ornate – for example, embellished four-post beds and claw foot chairs. The inspiration for traditional pieces comes from Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries. A design is likely to be traditional if you can visualize it in a castle.

My name is Bianca Wittgraefe, and I’m the founder and owner of Europa Designs, serving the Charlotte area of NC. I create residential and commercial designs that are warm, timeless, colorful and unique. If you lack the vision to do your own, call me today. I’d love to help!

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