Empty Nest? Consider These Modern Interior Design Services

Modern Interior Design

Watching your children go off to college can be a bittersweet experience. You are proud of them as they begin this new adventure, but it can be a big adjustment not having them at home anymore. One of the ways to beat off empty nest syndrome is to get involved with a project. Meeting with a modern interior design professional could be just what you need. Here are a few projects that they can help you with that can get you started on your new adventure, too.

  • Revamp their bedroom. Some parents like to leave their son or daughter’s room the way it is, so they’ll always have a place to come home to that feels familiar. However, if you revamp their bedroom while keeping it a sleeping space, they’ll still be able to visit during holidays and other breaks, yet you’ll be able to have other overnight guests feel comfortable as well. Often, they’ll have taken their most cherished belongings with them to decorate their dorm or apartment and what is left can easily be stored for them.
  • Offer to help decorate their new place. Your modern interior design professional can also help them get their new place looking great and you’ll make “mom of the year” by helping them accomplish that.
  • Create a new use for the room. For roughly 18 years, you have used that space for their benefit. It is your turn now! The chances are they’ll be off on plenty of adventures after college and be happy that you’ve used their old room for something that pleases you. Consider a hobby room, library, home office or whatever else comes to mind. A modern interior design professional can help you come up with great ideas, too.
  • Redecorate the entire house. If you really want as much of a distraction as possible, consider redecorating more than just their bedroom. It is a fun project and will keep you busy for a while and put you on the road to the next stage of your life.

Here at Europa Design, our mission is to create designs that are unique, colorful, timeless, and warm. We can help you create one new room or we can go beyond that to other rooms in your home to help you embrace your empty nest and new life ahead. Call us today to get started with the modern interior design you deserve.

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