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430_hdr_08Are you looking for an experienced and contemporary interior design company in the Charlotte region and the beautiful surrounding Lake Norman area? Bianca Wittgraefe is an expert interior designer and owner of Europa Design LLC, based in the Lake Norman community; Bianca serves Charlotte, Mooresville, Davidson, Denver, Concord, and every town in between. Europa Design LLC has a mission to create a vision for your home or place of business, and turn it from dream to reality.

Europa Design LLC incorporates modern and contemporary tastes in space, and creates designs that are unique, colorful, timeless, and warm.

Bianca has worked in interior design for over 12 years. She has been influenced by the European design and style for almost 30 years before settling in North Carolina. She grew up in Germany, and returns to Europe every year to maintain up-to-date, cutting edge design trends. She continues to grow her client base here in the Queen City region and abroad to bring you the most exclusive design trends that are currently available.

Europa Design LLC combines modern design with a fun sense of flair to present interior spaces that incorporate clean lines and subtle simplicity, while still presenting a warm and cozy feel to every room.

If you are a homeowner, Bianca will meet with you to understand your taste and desires for the look and feel that are just right.

If you are a business or commercial building owner, Bianca will come to your location to discuss vision and style for your space. She will create a contemporary design plan that meets your desires and budget. If you would like, you can be involved every step of the way in the planning and design process.

As an established design expert in the industry, Bianca’s passion and knowledge for interior design can truly make a difference.

Europa Design LLC is local premier interior design firm in the Lake Norman area. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or property manager, Bianca can transform your space into a contemporary oasis.

Please contact Europa Design for a consultation.


This article on interior design in the Lake Norman region is brought to you by Europa Design, LLC in Mooresville NC.

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