How to Feng Shui Your Home Office Décor

office décor in Charlotte, NCWorking from home brings many benefits to your lifestyle, and incorporating feng shui into your office décor can help make the most of the space. Follow the guidelines below to create a successful and harmonious office.

  • Get rid of clutter. The act of eliminating clutter allows you to also clear out certain problems in your life. Make way for something new, and a room that’s pleasant to be in.
  • According to feng shui philosophy, the upper left-hand corner is a pivotal element of home office décor. In this area, place a healthy plant or a crystal bowl. It will enrich your business.
  • Something red – flowers, for example – placed in the upper left-hand corner of your desk or office can bring financial success. And if fame is what you’re after, place the red object in the back-center part of your desk or office.
  • A medium-sized rug should be placed in the middle of the space. A black, blue or other dark color is reminiscent of a deep pool of water, which you can look into to rest your eyes and your soul.
  • If you don’t have a view of the outside from where you sit, hang a picture or plant in your line of vision to bring the outdoors in. This has a calming effect.
  • Your office décor should only include objects that are genuinely meaningful in your life.

My name is Bianca Wittgraefe, and I’m the founder and owner of Europa Designs, serving the Charlotte area of NC. I create residential and commercial designs that are warm, timeless, colorful and unique. If you lack the vision to do your own, call me today. I’d love to help!

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