Office Décor 101: It’s All About Organization

Office décorEven if you love the office décor in your workspace, you won’t enjoy it as much if your desk is cluttered with paper, you can never find what you’re looking for, and you always lose that important document right when a client calls. To get the most out of your new office décor:

  • Tackle cord clutter—from the telephone cord to the cords that hook up your printer and your computer, there are probably several different cords piling up at the foot of your desk. To prevent your cords from becoming a tangled mess, attach small tags to them so you know what device they go to, and take a minute or two to untangle them whenever they start clumping together. You can also purchase cord winders to shorten the cords to just the needed length.
  • Organize small supplies—small office supplies, like paper clips, thumb tacks, pencils, and pens, can easily get lost in your desk if you’re not careful. To make sure that you’re always able to find what you need when you need it, acquire different containers for each of these small supplies and sort them accordingly.
  • Deal with loose paper—do you ever feel like paper is taking over the top of your desk? To keep your documents in order, consider placing a pin board on the wall near your desk and using several filing trays. Additionally, never leave loose papers on your desk when you’re not looking at them.

Not only will taking control over your workspace’s organization help you appreciate your new office décor, but it will also promote greater productivity and efficiency.


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