Office Furniture Selection Is All about Size, Aesthetics & Functionality

office furniture selection, Charlotte NCMoving to a brand new office is an exciting experience. In the future years of your working life, it’s going to be an integral part of you, so make sure your office furniture selection suits your personality. Moreover, it must be practical and functional enough to allow you to complete your tasks efficiently.

It’s also important to buy furniture that’s not too small or too large for the space you have. If you’re lucky enough to have a big area, you can indulge with your office furniture selection by including a set of filing cabinets, a cupboard, and even a unit for a sound system and TV.

Space permitting, it’s always a good idea to divide an open-plan office area into 3 zones, each of which will be furnished according to its function. The main zone houses your equipment and desk. Then, another zone is dedicated to storing files and documents, with the final zone being a recreational area, where you can include some comfy chairs and a couch.

Finally, when deciding on your office furniture selection, remember that it’s a working space, not a museum. Keep it practical and neat. Also make sure the items are long-lasting and that they reflect your business brand and the image you want to portray.

My name is Bianca Wittgraefe, and I’m the founder and owner of Europa Designs, serving the Charlotte area of NC. I create residential and commercial designs that are warm, timeless, colorful and unique. If you lack the vision to do your own, call me today. I’d love to help!

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