The 5 Best Rules of Home Décor

basic principles about home décor

Decorating your home may feel overwhelming. A good place to start is learning more about what looks best. As you create a space to love, you there are a few rules to follow. These rules are less to make you feel constrained and more to teach basic principles about home décor.

We’ve included five of the best rules of home décor below:

  1. Make it your own and take advantage of the opportunity to personalize your space. Don’t be afraid of bold colors and fun patterns.
  2. Functionality is necessary, and it’s important to remember this rule before adding anything or taking anything away from an area.
  3. Find ways to brighten up your spaces with natural light such as sky lights, larger windows, more strategic window treatments, etc. More natural light makes everything else about the room look bigger, brighter, and cleaner.
  4. Try to incorporate multiple types of materials in every space with a mix of wood, metal, glass, and woven materials. By utilizing a variety of textures, you’ll find that it balances the room out and is more grounding.
  5. Know the size of your space and carefully measure any furniture or art that you want to add so that it isn’t too big or too small.

While you can bend many of the rules surrounding home décor, these guidelines will be beneficial in making each room feel more put together. You can make a bold statement with the way you decorate your home, and you’ll also find that you’re happier in a home that is aesthetically appealing to you.

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