The Benefits of Working with a Professional Interior Designer

interior designer in Charlotte, NCHave you ever been inside a fashionable meeting room, a stunning hotel lobby or some other interior space that really caught your eye? Well, all those beautiful elements didn’t just happen by accident. In almost every case, a professional interior designer was commissioned to create that space, determine the color schemes and choose the finishes.

Interior decorator and interior designer – are they one and the same? No! When you go to a paint store, the person who works with window coverings and wallpapers, in almost all cases, is a decorator. This person shouldn’t be confused with an interior designer. Don’t get us wrong – decorators are very talented people and some have a wealth of experience with wallpapers, colors and other finishes. If you need help choosing wallpaper, then a decorator might be just fine, but if you want to blend wall treatments, furniture, carpets, interior trim, colors, etc., you better get yourself an interior designer!

An interior designer often works with architects. A combination of their talents can produce fantastic results. When it comes to the final finish and fit of spaces, and how textures and colors relate to each other, designers can do it all. If you’re planning to build a new home soon or revamp your existing one, an interior designer will add some real spice!

My name is Bianca Wittgraefe, and I’m the founder and owner of Europa Designs, serving the Charlotte area of NC. I create residential and commercial designs that are warm, timeless, colorful and unique. If you lack the vision to do your own, call me today. I’d love to help!

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