Tip for a Fantastic Nursery: Call in an Interior Designer

Interior Designer

One of the most exciting things you’ll do once you find out you’re about to become a parent is setting up the nursery. Since you will be spending plenty of time in this room (every couple of hours, right?), it makes sense to do everything you can to make the room a happy place for both you and your baby. Working with an interior designer is a wise way to put together the nursery in both a beautiful and functional way. Here are a few things that you’ll be discussing with the interior designer you choose:

1.  Boy or Girl? Knowing the gender of your baby makes it easier to tailor the nursery to that gender. However, it isn’t absolutely necessary as an interior designer can create a stunning room that is appropriate for either a girl or a boy.

2.  Flexibility. You’ll need to consider if you want the nursery to be appropriate for a baby and perhaps into the toddler years or if you want something that can be tweaked just a bit to work well as your child becomes older. Some parents choose a theme ideal for infancy with the expectation of changing it one or more times depending on the interests of their child. Others try to avoid redecorating several times over the years.

3.  Remember functionality. Your interior designer will work with you to cover not only the aesthetics of a beautiful nursery, but also the functionality. For example, babies sleep during the day so window treatments that will keep them safe from excess sunlight and harmful UV rays while still looking great is a common goal.

Here at Europa Design, we understand you have a lot of things going on as you get closer to welcoming that bundle of joy into your life. We are happy to arrange a consultation with you to go over how an interior designer can create a contemporary design that you’ll love.

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