Why Realtors Should Know an Expert in Modern Interior Design

Why Realtors Should Know an Expert in Modern Interior Design

Being a realtor can have some challenges from time to time, and one of those is trying to help a seller sell their home if it is a bit more outdated than other comparable homes in the price range they are hoping to get. You could help your client tremendously by suggesting they consult with a modern interior design professional. In many cases, even a minor room renovation can help, but a professional will be able to advise about those improvements that can provide the most return on investment.

Some improvements that a modern interior design professional can help with are modernizing a home with simple changes like painting and window treatments. More involved options might include solid surface selection to modernize the kitchen and/or bathrooms. Making the home more modern-looking doesn’t always need to involve improvements to the home itself, as some furniture and accessory changes can do wonders, and those are all items that can be transferred to the new home to get started on the right foot.

Modern interior design doesn’t just improve outdated homes. It is also helpful at maximizing the floor space to provide the illusion of more square footage. It even helps buyers conceptualize the house as their own home. This can be particularly useful with a home that has a challenging floor plan.

By bringing in a modern interior design professional, as a realtor, you are going above and beyond, which sets you apart from other agents as someone who truly cares about your sellers. In addition, if you have a buyer who is on the fence regarding a property, those services can be used on a consultation basis to help them visualize how the home could suit them. In any case, you won’t go wrong if you have an expert in modern interior design on your contact list.

Here at Europa Design, we are happy to work with realtors in the Mooresville, North Carolina area. With more than 12 years of experience bringing modern and contemporary styles to homeowners, we are in the unique position to aid buyers and sellers in achieving their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our various services, and we’ll help you see more “sold” signs in your future.

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