Window Treatments Can Be Miracle Workers

Window Treatments

Do you have a room in your home that always seems to fall short in terms of feeling welcoming or enjoyable? It might surprise you that window treatments can be a miracle worker. When chosen correctly, they can overcome a problem room. Here are a few ways that the right window treatments can transform any room:

  • Make a room quieter. Do you have a room that is near an HVAC unit or gets the brunt of highway noise or a neighbor that has a few too many arguments? You’ll be happy to learn that there are window treatments that can help.
  • Provide privacy. It can be nice to be in a gated community with neighbors close by, but if you have windows that line up with theirs, you may want window treatments that will give you some privacy. Your interior designer can help you choose options that give you privacy without sacrificing beauty or other benefits that you also want to achieve.
  • Add color and texture. If you have a room that has a bit too much neutral going on, you can use window treatments to spice things up. A splash of color or an unusual texture can go far to liven things up. On the other hand, if you have a room that needs cooling down or made cozier, that can also be accomplished.
  • Make a small window look larger. A tiny window can make a room seem out of balance but with the right window treatments, a transformation can occur. Placement can also make a smaller room look larger by making the ceiling look higher than it is.

Here at Europa Design, we love taking a problem room and making it your favorite room of the house. We can utilize new window treatments as well as other touches to transform a room to be inviting and one you’ll love to spend time in. Call us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about the modern and contemporary style we can bring to your home.

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