Your Home’s Interior Design is a Reflection of You

interior design in Charlotte, NCIf a stranger came into your home, knowing nothing about you, what would he or she see? Are there clothes, shoes, magazines and other items scattered about, or is everything in its rightful place? Your home’s interior design is not only a reflection of how you live; it’s also an extension of your personality.

Consider the following 3 aspects of your home’s interior design and decide whether or not they project the message you desire:

  1. Accessories & Decorations: Does your interior design incorporate lots of family photos on the walls? Or maybe pictures of your latest travel adventure? Do you have large bookcases? All of these things reflect your values – intelligence, family, etc.
  2. Wall Color: Vivid, bright colors bring energy into a room. Maybe you’re always on the go and like a cheerful space to wake you up? Conversely, cool, soft tones are calming, and functional neutral tones may indicate that you are a practical person.
  3. Cleanliness: Your home doesn’t have to be 100% pristine all the time. You’re only human, so sometimes items are not where they belong. However, would visitors feel comfortable about using your bathroom or eating off your plates? A little cleaning every day helps keep your home fresh and curbs unhygienic messes.

If you are not happy with your interior design, change it! Just like you, your home is unique, and there’s always room for personalization.

My name is Bianca Wittgraefe, and I’m the founder and owner of Europa Designs, serving the Charlotte area of NC. I create residential and commercial designs that are warm, timeless, colorful and unique. If you lack the vision to do your own, call me today. I’d love to help!

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